Inhale Confidence, Exhale Limitations: Unleash Your Potential Through
Guided Breathwork

When I first discovered breathwork, my mind was blown by the profound experiences I encountered. I was immediately hooked, as the power I felt was deeply transformative. At that time, I didn’t realize, but I do now, that the power was within me, and it can be within you too. Since then, this modality has guided me through my own personal healing journey, particularly with Lyme disease, facilitated the closure of loops related to childhood trauma, and allowed me to envision an exciting future that I have now actualized.

By incorporating a daily practice, I am able to navigate through all that life throws at me with unwavering calm and clear mind. Join me in experiencing the profound impact of breathwork – a key to unlocking inner resilience and achieving a harmonious, exciting life.

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork, at its core, involves learning to consciously harness the breath. Similar to functions in our autonomic system, such as digestion or blood circulation, breathing typically occurs without conscious awareness. Teaching individuals to actively leverage the power of their breath, this kicks it out of default mode and brings the power of it into your hands. When we learn to breathe consciously, with intentions; we begin to cultivating an open mind and heart and can profoundly transform our lives.

Benefits of Breathwork?

  • Super-charge your vision. Gain clarity and focus.
  • Reduce stress, lower anxiety.
  • Regulate your nervous system. Become the calm in the storm.
  • Work through limiting beliefs, self-doubt,, suppressed emotions, fears, etc.
  • Connect to your intuition/inner guidance.
  • Boost your immune system. Reduce inflammation in the body.

Can anyone do Breathwork?

Breathwork is safe and effective for most people. However, before each session we do a pre-breathwork questionnaire to assess and ensure that you are right for the deeper work. There are some health conditions that we may advise you to consult with a physician before engaging in breathwork. Or we will point you in another direction within our network if there is not a fit.

Why is Breathwork gaining popularity now?

While Breathwork has ancient roots, its recent resurgence in the mainstream can be attributed to a growing awareness of the impact of conscious breathing on mental, emotional, and physical well-being. As more people seek holistic approaches to self-discovery and transformation, Breathwork has emerged as a powerful tool to navigate life’s challenges with intention and resilience.

Ways to experience the
Breath with Mike

The Adventure
This 2.5hr experience begins with a pre-meeting questionnaire that will be sent in advance and needed back at a minimum 48hrs prior to our journey date. Then we will meet virtually or in-person to go over the questionnaire and intention set before we dive in. A whatsapp channel is opened for a week following so that we can continue conversations on anything that arises. Exchange – $330usd.

The Journey
This 3 month commitment offers bi-weekly experiences (As outlined above). This allows a progression in our work as it evolves deeper each session. The Exchange – $1,800usd.

The Transformation
This 6 month deep dive offers bi-weekly experiences (As outlined above). The Exchange – $3,500usd.

**For The Journey or The Transformation offerings there will be an initial call to discuss vision and big picture goals of the sessions. A pre-recording for a daily practice will be provided for in between sessions and a Whatsapp channel/support opened throughout the time period.

**Scholarship Program – If you cannot afford any of the above but feel called to do the work and are ready to commit. Please reach out. Each month, I will be making space to help one person at an extremely reduced rate**


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