You did not end up here by accident. Perhaps you saw a video I posted online. Or maybe you’ve already participated in an online breathwork journey that I’ve facilitated. Regardless … I’m thrilled you made it here.

As you are reading this, there is a good chance that you are at a crossroads in your life.  Perhaps you are trying to find “meaning”.  Or maybe you are looking to elevate!  I am grateful we found each other.  Now let’s dive into how I can be of service to YOU!

Hi, My Name Is Mike…

I was once an elite athlete and now I am an impact-driven coach on a mission of transformation. My life’s path has been a whirlwind of highs and lows, from the dizzying heights of corporate success to the dark depths of battling Lyme Disease. It was in my darkest moments, feeling lost and disconnected, that I experienced a life-altering spiritual awakening.

This journey has reshaped my entire being and unearthed my true calling. Now, armed with breathwork and proven habit-building techniques, I am committed to guiding others on their path to self-discovery. Join me as we unlock the limitless potential that lies within you, transcending the ordinary to reach extraordinary heights in every facet of your life. Let’s embark on this thrilling adventure together.


Committing to a regular breathwork practice has the ability to transform your life (Mentally, physically, spiritually). You hold the key within you to take charge, show up in life with excitement, energy and authenticity. My goal is to build a strong foundation of breathwork in your life so you can take the reins and be your own guide from there. Once you have the tools & knowledge … It’s free and you will be too!


If you’re a high achieving individual that is in search of more, but don’t know what that more is? I’ve been there. I used to think I could do it all myself as the tools are all available (“lone wolf”). Leaning into investing in myself relentlessly and being accountable to a coach has taught me to show up for myself in ways that I always knew was there but couldn’t figure out how to tap into. The work is “hard” and no one will do it for you but if you’re ready to give a f&%k yes … I’ll meet you where you’re at.


You can’t replace the “feeling” and “impact” of connecting in-person with other humans on a shared journey to actualize their full potential. If you are ready to “step in the room” and lean into the work with a collective of like-minded, high-vibe individuals … then I have created (and co-created) a number of live, in-person (And virtual) events for you to choose from. The door is open … you just need to step inside!

I recently had emergency surgery and had been having difficulty with healing. I continued to find myself disassociating from my body and I was having increased difficulty staying present and grounded. As my usual “tools” were no longer helping me, I decided to try Breathwork and signed up for a session with Mike Prince. This was my first experience with Breathwork, and it was incredible! I was able to dive in deep and experience some incredible insight into the ways I hold myself back. A week later, and I am still feeling the effects of the session. I feel like I walk differently now. I was able to examine some parts of my journey and relate where I was at in life, with my own inability to release some old patterns and vibrations. Through the process of this session, I jumped headfirst into full surrender and found peace within myself. If you have ever considered trying Breathwork, I highly recommend signing up for a session with Mike. From start to finish, I felt safe, supported and held to do the work I needed to. I am excited to explore this healing modality and continue to work with Mike.
Angee Pell
Owner, Skyriver Meadows
Joe Fier

Host of the Hustle and FlowChart podcast

I recently experienced a virtual breathwork session with Mike Prince and it blew me away. Despite never doing a virtual session like this, Mike’s intuitive approach quickly re-aligned my physical and mental state, bringing me back to harmony. The session wasn’t just about breathing; it was a holistic reset I needed. With Mike’s guidance, I released a considerable physical tension and achieved a rejuvenated, flowy mental state. His unique ability to hold virtual space and guide a transformative experience is unlike anything I’ve experienced. If you’re seeking balance and release, look no further. Mike is a true gift in his field
Joe Fier

Host of the Hustle and FlowChart podcast

Mike was the gift I didn’t know I needed. Taking my experience with beathwork to a more individual, personal practice was truly amazing. Mike’s attention to detail made me feel safe and welcome from the beginning. The intention setting before we dove into breathwork was approached with compassion and openness. The breathwork practice was so meaningful and I left feeling lighter and more energized. I look forward to working with Mike in the future.
Sarah Lynd
Yoga Instructor, Movewell Muskoka
Mike! Brother, I’ve been wanting to message you almost every day this last week but I just couldn’t find the words to explain my gratitude. That session was deeply impactful…in mostly subtle ways but also clear benefits. Noticeable life/raise in my vibration…cravings for escapism drastically reduced while motivation to better myself and make smarter decisions greatly increased. That was quite the gift you gave me man. Such a memorable experience and yea … just thank you so so much!

Gerrit Van Bruggen

Executive Leadership Coach
Mike’s skill in holding space is exceptional. His calming presence during our breathwork session helped me relax and let go. I highly recommend him – the experience was truly transformative.
Lance W. Essihos
Host of the University of Adversity Podcast, Bestselling Author & Founder of Mic-Up Media
Danielle Grant

Spiritual Guide

Here’s The First Step …


Tell Me Your Current Reality
(And Where You Want To Go)

Let’s be honest … this is the most challenging step for most people.  But, here you are!  Before we begin our “work” together, I need to know the truth … where are you in your life … and where do you want to go?


Let’s Co-Create A Plan To Get You There

While we all share in a collective journey in this world … no one person’s journey is the same as another.  Together, we will co-create a plan to unlock your happiness, fulfillment and dreams in life.


Let The Journey Begin!!!

Once I understand what you want to create in your life, and we have co-created a plan … the next step is to start MOVING in that direction.  The future life that you desire is attained in the micro-actions you are committed to every day … and as your guide … I will show you the path and keep you accountable to the “work”.

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