[EP8] Surf, Sun and Coffee Enemas!?!? The Journey Of Illness To Enlightenment | Jake Heilbrunn

Aug 26, 2022

Jake Heilbrunn is wise beyond his years. In this episode we talk about our personal journey’s/challenges with Lyme disease and the many lessons we have learned along the way (Including how to do a coffee enema, lol. Yes, it is what you think it is). How a chronic illness can really make you stop and look at the “why’s” and observe every part of it, eventually realizing the gifts even if they are hard to see at first. Jake brings a lightness to life even through the tough parts and is an inspiring individual. We discuss how when he went into his first year in college that he knew something just wasn’t right and he had to make a change which led to an adventure through south/central America and eventually to Jake giving talks about it all (TedX) and even writing a book. This is a heartfelt episode about two men at slightly different stages in life who were connected by a “dis-ease” and how others can learn from the wisdom this brought them. With a few laughs along the way!

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